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Just because you can do everything doesn’t mean you should. We understand that small business owners and private investors often wear many hats and time is your most scarce and valuable resource. As such, our goal is to help you gain back your time and sanity as it pertains to your commercial real estate needs by offering assistance, data, and experience to streamline the process.

The Elite Commercial Real Estate difference is that we have been exactly where you are. We offer a unique perspective as our team leader has extensive experience as a buyer, seller, tenant, and landlord in the commercial real estate sector for over 11 years. Gain access to a team that can offer an all-encompassing perspective for every side of the deal. This ability to empathize with our clients enables us to be solution-oriented in the search process and negotiations to help you achieve your goals.

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Owner-User Commercial Properties & Spaces

Finding the right property is vital to the success of any business. Click below to learn how we can help!

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Restaurant Spaces

Looking to make a name for yourself or expand your business in the Las Vegas restaurant scene? Click below to learn more!

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Multifamily Investment Properties

Multifamily properties are an excellent investment option for both new and experienced commercial real estate investors. Contact us to learn more about how we uncover off market opportunities for our buyers!

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Commercial Investment Properties

Commercial real estate is attractive to investors due to its tremendous upside potential. Contact us to learn more about the pros & cons, how it differs from residential, and to discuss off market options!

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Our Team

Catherine “Cathey” Kuo

B.1002255 | [email protected] | (702) 689-2650

Cathey is a real estate advisor, investor, and entrepreneur. With over 11 years experience in the industry, she has extensive experience in real estate investing, property management, commercial leasing, investment sales, and 1031 exchanges. As a small business owner and real estate investor herself, Cathey has an intuitive grasp of the real estate market and an immense desire to help others achieve and expand their dreams of entrepreneurship and build wealth by maximizing the value of their businesses and investment portfolios. Her specialty is in finding, analyzing, evaluating, negotiating, and underwriting opportunities for her clients as she has done for herself and her family. Cathey often says that honesty is both her best and worst trait so her ideal clients are those who value authenticity and transparency as she will happily disclose the good, bad, and ugly to help clients make an educated and informed decision.


CJ Enriquez

S.0196544 | [email protected] | (818) 987-2544

CJ transitioned to Commercial Real Estate from a customer service role in the luxury automotive industry. Born in Reno, Nevada but raised in Las Vegas, she’s witnessed the development, growth and transformation of this city firsthand and wanted to be a part of it going forward. Coming from a family with roots in the hospitality industry, she has learned the importance of communication, customer service, and timeliness throughout her upbringing which clients appreciate. CJ is passionate about consistent growth for both herself and clients. Because of this, she has cultivated an environment that fosters growth where people within her social circle help push one another beyond their comfort zone and limitations. She believes in fostering relationships with people and focusing on how she can add value to create a fulfilling and meaningful life for herself and those around her as well. Her foray into commercial estate is in line with this as she has an opportunity to help business owners and investors grow, progress, and prosper. Through this journey, CJ has come to love this process of aiding business owners and helping investors fulfill their dreams and ambitions.


Chelsea Ratcliff

S.0193008 | [email protected] | (702) 906-9088

Chelsea is a Commercial Real Estate professional who brings 10 years of experience in customer service, sales, and hospitality to this client services focused industry. She is a Las Vegas native with a degree in Business Administration and continued education in Marketing. Growing up in Las Vegas, she has watched the Vegas Valley grow throughout her life. Her love for this city fuels her passion to help business owners grow and shape the landscape of our local economy. She is dedicated to being a part of the continuous diversification and growth of the local community and economy by assisting business owners and investors bring their dreams to fruition. Chelsea is passionate about her commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to clients.


Priscilla Gudino

S.0192932 | [email protected] | (702) 504-2575

Priscilla relocated from California and has been a Las Vegas resident for over 18 years. She studied applied management in college and has a passion for helping others manage their real estate acquisitions. Priscilla has over 10 years experience working in customer service and has a passion for helping others while building meaningful relationships along the way with her clients. Her passion for helping small business owners, work ethic, and ethical values stems from helping her own family develop their family business. As such, she understands the value of hard work as well as bringing care, consideration, and exceptional customer service to the commercial real estate process for business owners and investors. **Priscilla is fluent in English and Spanish.** hablo español


Michellelani “Lani” Flores

S.0198104 | [email protected] | (949) 981-1467

Lani is a Southern California native who specializes in off market and unique commercial real estate opportunities. Her experience with this niche stems from her passion to help support and advance the Cannabis industry as she began her commercial real estate career securing off-market “green zoned” industrial and retail properties for Cannabis businesses. Lani relocated to Las Vegas to capitalize on the economic growth and tax benefits here and understands the vast opportunities available to out of state buyers looking to grow their business and investment portfolios. Her exceptional listening skills when it comes to her clients' concerns & needs results in an uncanny ability to empathize, understand, and solve problems. She is passionate about the success of her clients, always going the extra mile to structure a win-win scenario and build long lasting relationships. Lani takes pride in her excellent customer service and strives to guide her clients through their real estate transaction process so that it is as enjoyable and seamless as possible.


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